1) Do I need a solicitor?

No, you can instruct us directly and avoid the additional costs of having a solicitor. However, in some cases you may well benefit from having both a solicitor and a barrister: if that is the case we will tell you and recommend a firm best suited to your needs.

2) How much will it cost?

We will look at your case and consider how much work will be involved. We will then provide you with a quotation for the cost of your case. All work is done for a fixed agreed fee: we don’t charge by the hour and you won’t be hit with unexpected costs.

For criminal cases you may well be entitled to legal aid to fund the cost of your defence, although you are likely to have to pay monthly contributions to the Legal Aid Authority.

3) I have diving insurance, can they help?

If you have specialist diving insurance and are subject to criminal proceedings then you should contact them as soon as possible. They may have solicitors they prefer to work with or they may be happy to instruct us directly.

4) I already have a solicitor, can I still instruct you?

Absolutely. Solicitors will take into account the requests of their clients. As we provide legal representation in court they may well prefer to use a barrister for that aspect of your case in any event.