• Civil Proceedings

    If a diving incident has resulted in death or injury to a diver, it is highly likely that a civil claim will result.

  • Criminal Proceedings

    If there has been a fatality, the police will gather evidence to look into any criminal liability.

  • Inquests

    In 2013 there were 263 reported diving incidents in the UK, 14 of which resulted in the death of a diver.

  • About Us

    Ensuring recreational & professional divers have access to quality, independent legal advice & representation.


Welcome to The Diving Lawyer

Divinglawyer.co.uk was set up with one aim: to ensure recreational and professional divers have access to quality, independent legal advice and representation.

Whilst there are many reputable solicitors and barristers in the legal sector, when legal proceedings arise from diving it’s important for your lawyer to have a thorough understanding of not only the law, but diving as well.

When you need legal advice or representation in court, you may feel the last thing you want to be doing is giving your lawyer a crash course in diving. You may prefer to seek the assistance of someone who has experience of diving, the diving world, and representing divers and their families. That way you can be sure your lawyer fully understands your case and can identify issues which would not be apparent to an non-diver.

So when might you need us?

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  • Prosecution

    If, following a diving incident, you are under investigation or are being prosecuted by the police or the Health & Safety Executive   MORE
  • Inquest

    When, following a fatal diving accident, you are an interested party at an inquest in the Coroner’s Court.   MORE
  • Civil Matters

    If you are a claimant or defendant in civil proceedings arising out of  a diving incident.   MORE
  • Free Initial Advice

    If you are concerned you may be subject to criminal or civil proceedings and want some initial advice. MORE

Who may need our assistance?

  • Divers: whether engaged in recreational, commercial or military diving
  • Diving instructors or supervisors
  • Training providers or organisers
  • Equipment manufacturers or maintainers
  • Diving insurers
  • Families of divers

Latest News

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  • divinglawyer.co.uk website launched

    The Diving Lawyer website is now live and aims to be the only UK website dedicated to providing divers, and

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