About us

James Heyworth is a qualified barrister, based at Lincoln House Chambers in Manchester: one of the North West’s most respected barristers’ chambers.

Barristers are the legal profession’s specialist advocates: trained and experienced in advising clients and in the examination and cross-examination of witnesses in court.

James has represented clients facing serious criminal charges in the Crown Court: including conspiracy, fraud and murder. He has also appeared for clients in the civil and Coroner’s courts.

One of his most significant recent cases was a 5 day jury inquest in which he represented the family of the deceased. The case involved complex issues of medical  evidence as well as detailed expert evidence in relation to closed-circuit rebreathers.

James has also been a diver for 20 years and brings with him a broad range of diving experience. He has dived scuba, surface-supplied air and mixed gas rebreather sets. In addition, having been a supervisor, he has personal experience of Health & Safety risk assessments, Diving at Work regulations, and accident response and management.

Recreational diving experience:


Military diving experience (Royal Navy):

  • Royal Navy Ship’s diver and diving supervisor Course
  • Long Minewarfare and Clearance Diving Officers Course

Equipment used:

  • SABA
  • KMB 17 Superlite
  • CDBA mixed-gas closed-circuit rebreather
  • Type C recompression chamber